These Chinese Soccer Players Are Training For World Domination

In a bid to conquer the world of soccer, China intends to amalgamate the conventional art of kung fu with the popular sport.

A Chinese martial arts school has launched a new training plan for budding players by inaugurating a soccer academy, which will combine the classic sport with Shaolin kung fu in a bid to produce more skilled athletes in the country.

Tens of thousands of young students train at the historic Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School in Dengfeng, China, every year. The training took a new route this year as the school enrolled 100 of its best pupils into a government-run institution that will train young wushu students in the game of soccer along with the most esteemed form of martial arts in the world.

Zhang Wenshen, the director of the government sports bureau in Henan, said"This is a bold attempt by the province to bring Shaolin kung fu into soccer to deepen football reform and promote the Chinese martial art."

With the inclusion of kung fu students in soccer, China thinks it will soon have what it takes to conquer the sport by using both mental and physical toughness of the young athletes.

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