Adorable Fashionistas Take China Fashion Week Runways By Storm

Kendall Jenner might be a leading fashion model, but she has fierce competition coming up from this pint-sized Chinese fashion mavens.

The Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week is currently underway in Beijing, China, and happens to be absolutely awesome — but not for regular reasons such as stunning models or brilliantly cut-out clothes.

In fact, the fashion show is making headlines because of its unique ramp models, who are just little kids.

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A number of children were seen walking the runway, pulling off extremely stylish looks, as they donned apparel from the ILOVECHOC Wei Chao collection and the M.latin range.

model presents a creation from M.latin

model presents a creation from M.latin

The models sported a variety of hairstyles and posed with remarkable confidence  as they stormed the runway one after the other. Some of them managed to copy their inspirations from the world of fashion as one girl pouted, another put her hands on the hip and a third  stylishly held onto her hat on the head with one hand.

children's wear collection at China

children's wear collection at China Fashion

The show ended with a group of children walking the runway as they wore identical outfits. The little ladies had on red tutus with jumpers, while the young men looked handsome as ever in pinstriped trousers and jumpers.

children's wear collection at China Fashion Week

China Fashion Week  2016 in BeijingInterestingly, this is not the first time children have been seen on the runway. In 2013, London hosted an entire fashion week dedicated to kids who modeled for various brands.

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