China Sells Tickets to 'Sinking' Titanic Replica

Disaster-themed fun for the whole family. Some families ride rollercoaster for a rush of joyful adrenaline, some watch scary movies.

Families in China now have the chance to buy tickets to a new "6-D holiday experience" and bond over a ride on a replica of the infamous Titanic. The experience also includes the replica hitting a fake iceberg and fake electrical failures for that authentic sinking feeling. 

According to The Telegraph, the ship will be part of a theme park and will be completed in October of 2017, just in time to recreate freezing conditions. The replica will be docked on the Qi River and the first 5,000 tickets will go on sale in Hong Kong on June 15th, so mark that date on your calendar if you want in on all this fun.

Tickets to go on sale for China's 'sinking' Titanic

The project will cost about a billion-yuan and the ship will be able to hold 1,500 passengers. The developers are dedicated to authenticity and have outfitted the ship with exact copies of all of the furnishings. Passengers will eat the same food that passengers aboard the Titanic dined on. No word on whether there will also be terrible, cramped, dirty accommodations for poor attendees on the lower decks.

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As expected, some have pointed out that perhaps this attraction is insensitive and maybe a bad idea.

"Titanic is a great ship. We will revive it and build it exactly the same size as the original, not just for remembrance but also to let people know the glory of human nature," said Su Jun, the president of Qixing energy investment group, the major investor of the ship.

There is no greater reminder of the glory of human nature than humans not stocking enough lifeboats. 

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