Chinese Shoppers Go To Escalator Extremes After Woman's Grisly Death

In the aftermath of a fatal accident, people in China are going to extreme lengths to avoid stepping onto metal plates at the end of the escalators.

People in China seem especially wary of escalators lately – or to be more precise, the metal panels at the end of them.

Ever since the video of a mother’s fatal fall into an escalator shaft moments after she saved her 2-year-old son went viral, Chinese shoppers have grown worried they might suffer the same fate.

Since most malls and public places in the country only offer escalators and a large number of people are unable to climb stairs, masses are going to extreme lengths to make sure they don’t step on the footplate atop the machine.

The video posted above shows people struggling to get off the escalators.

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The pictures and videos of these bizarre – and slightly dangerous – techniques have been circulating on Chinese social media website Weibo.

Also, the tragedy captured on security cameras isn’t the only escalator related accident to occur in recent times in China. Just recently, a teenager burst into an empty hotel elevator shaft and fell to his death, according to Sina News.

The fears surrounding Chinese escalator infrastructure isn’t new, and while many on social media find this paranoia to be strange, it can be easily justified by the past incidents.

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