Quick-Thinking Woman Gives Mugger A Taste Of His Own Medicine

Instead of freezing in shock or running away in fear, the courageous mugging victim turned an unfortunate situation completely in her favor.

There are two things imperative to a robbery:

1. Having a getaway vehicle

2. Not losing the track of said vehicle and running away on foot

A Chinese street robber learned this valuable lesson the hard way when he decided to rob a lone woman in broad daylight.

The hilarious CCTV footage of the mugging incident shows a woman walking down a pavement when suddenly a motorcycle pulls over near her. A man with helmet then pounces on the woman and snatches her handbag, which she gives away without much of a struggle.

The loot in hand, the speedy assailant then makes a dash and disappears from the camera – probably congratulating himself on executing such a fine crime. However, in all his hastiness, he seems to have overlooked one crucial detail: the unmanned motorcycle on the crime scene.

The female victim apparently came to the same realization, and instead of standing in shock or screaming for help, she took advantage of a particularly bad situation and turned the tables on the thief. 

Watch the video posted above to find out how this quick-thinking woman got an immediate revenge on a blundering bag-snatcher – who in all honesty, should think of a career change.

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