Chinese Model UN Participants Went Crazy At Taiwan Being Listed As A Country

Chinese Students Couldn't Handle The Facts. Chinese delegates at the Harvard Model UN were kicked out of the event for going crazy when they saw Taiwan listed as a country and not a 'country or region'.

Chinese Students Kicked Out Of Harvard

In fact, they probably would have preferred not to see the word 'country' in the same line as Taiwan.

The students became infuriated when they saw this not-so new-news written in their handbook, because according to the Chinese, Taiwan is still their territory. 

Although Taiwan and China have been split since a civil was in 1949, they evidently have not come to terms with Taiwan wanting to be independent.

Taiwanese do not consider themselves as part of China at all, and although carry many characteristics of Chinese culture, they stand alone as a unique island country.

However, the Chinese students at this Model UN do not feel the same, and even though they were offered stickers that said 'country and region' on them to place in their handbooks next to Taiwan, they were not thrilled.

The students got angry that the 'error' wasn't fixed, and got together and protested. They were then thrown out of the delegation, which went on peacefully, without any further discrimination against Taiwan.


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