Chinese Woman Carries Boyfriend Through Flood To Save His Shoes

One male commenter went on to add that he was ashamed of being a man after reading about this incident.

Although in most cases, men are the ones expected to be chivalrous, a Chinese woman was recently photographed breaking the stereotype while carrying her boyfriend on her back.

Wuhan In China’s Hubei province was hit by floods and heavy rains, and one couple wanting to make their way through the water was caught in a tough situation when the woman realized her boyfriend was wearing very expensive leather shoes.

In an act of love and affection, the woman then decided to carry her boyfriend on her back to cross the floodwaters.


People who captured pictures of the couple saw the boy smiling sheepishly as he looked a little embarrassed, but simultaneously happy that his shoes weren’t getting wet.



“I am wearing sandals so it doesn't matter that I cross the waterlogged area,” the woman told Chinese media.

“He was wearing leather shoes which have to be washed laboriously [if they are soaked]. So it was easier that I carry him to cross the water,” she added.

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The pictures have been widely shared on social media. However, on CCTV’s Facebook page, they soongained criticism from many people who called the man selfish for allowing his girlfriend to carry him.

Numerous comments even suggested the man should have taken off his shoes and carried them by hand, as they crossed the water instead of conveniently sitting on a woman’s back.

One male commenter went on to add that he was ashamed of being a man after reading about this incident.

Whether or not it was right for the man to allow his girlfriend to carry him is a matter between the couple itself, but one cannot deny the fact that the woman must indeed be a noble person to have gone to such an extent to save her boyfriend the hassle of wet shoes.

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