Life-Size Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch Is Just Too Delicious For Fans To Leave Alone

No one can blame these people. It is Benedict Cumberbatch made out of pure Belgian chocolate, after all.

That 6-foot statue of Benedict Cumberbatch made out of 500 melted bars of Belgian chocolate is now a thing of the past – because it was recently devoured in a London mall.

One cannot blame these people, though, for three obvious reasons:

A: It’s Belgian chocolate

B: It’s Benedict Cumberbatch

C: It’s Benedict Cumberbatch made of Belgian chocolate!

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The sculpture, which was created as part of an unusual promotion for UKTV, was put up in Westfield Stratford shopping center on Good Friday with a hidden camera to see what people do to it.

While many of them licked it and mostly took selfies, there were others who couldn’t resist themselves from snapping its fingers – and in one woman’s case, its nose – off and eating it.

Again, who could blame them?

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