'Lion King' Cast Delights NYC Subway Car With Impromptu Performance (VIDEO)

Broadway's 'The Lion King' cast makes commuting very interesting in New York.

They've done it again. 

The Broadway cast of "The Lion King" surprised New York commuters with an impromptu performance of "Circle of Life." Subways cars make for pretty great acoustics, it turns out. 

The singers put on an amazing performance, and the delighted look on some New Yorkers' faces is priceless. But also check out how some remain stony-faced, looking away or down. Are they so jaded they can't appreciate a Broadway-worthy performance when they see it? Maybe they need to hear "Hakuma Matata" instead.

This isn't the first time "Circle of Life" inspired a transportation performance. The Australian cast took it to new heights with a performance on an airplane.


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