Clever Deodorant Idea By 11-Year-Old Internet Genius Quinn Sheeran (VIDEO)


Charlie May’s 11-year-old cousin Quinn Sheeran, a young inventor from New Jersey is famous on Reddit. In the video above he demonstrates a clever deodorant idea which was posted online.

Sheeran took two ordinary, everyday-use items and formed a device that would certainly amaze you. Since the preteen genius used an Old Spice product for his invention, the American brand reached out to the whiz kid with the following message on their Facebook page:

More than 4,000 years ago an unknown genius inventor developed nachos … the greatest invention in the history of man. Until now, when that achievement was toppled by a music-playing stick of underarm deodorantinvented by 11-year-old Quinn Sheeran.

Quinn, we'd like to be the first to congratulate you on winning the coveted 2013 Quinn for the Winn Achievement in Having Music Play While You Apply Old Spice Deodorant Award, which is a very prestigious honor that we just made up right this minute. We'd also like to send you a big, fancy 3-D printer, so you can keep making things that make the world a better place. Have your parents get in touch with us, and congratulations on being the most important inventor of all time

Looks like the talented kid will soon be offered a job! This is great.

Quinn Sheeran’s success also says a lot about the internet and viral culture. Old Spice’s response is a huge deal and the kid deserves it. Doesn’t he?

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