Even A Leading Oil Company Believes In Climate Change, Why Can't GOP?

GOP politicians are certainly stupid. Perhaps...too stupid.

In the United States, citizens may be approaching the point where they are forced to admit that certain GOP politicians may actually be agents of some alien civilization sent here to burn our planet and its resources to a crisp in order to make the inevitable arrival of their conquering masters that much more feasible.

climate change

How else can they explain the ludicrous stance of GOP front-runner Donald Trump who is on record as saying, “I don’t believe in climate change.”

Or what about his rival Senator Ted Cruz? He has been noted for saying that, “climate change is not science, it’s religion.”

Even the so-called “rationalists” of the party, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have taken very clear steps to clarify that they have chosen willful ignorance over rational acceptance when it comes to the very well documented factual reality of climate change.

If you need further proof, try tracking down the Washington Post article from Sunday that revealed that Exxon Mobil executives have admitted that climate change is a clear and present danger and that a carbon tax or similar effort is necessary to help curtail potential catastrophes.

If the top executives from the world’s second largest corporation (congratulations Microsoft) have become willing to admit that a scientific phenomenon is taking place that threatens the very core of their business, then what possible explanation could there be for these Republican’s politicians rejectionist attitudes?

It may be difficult to hear, but the truth has now become unavoidably clear. The only reason that these apparently healthy men would turn their backs on such on obvious risk to each and every one of us is that their agenda is not to protect this planet.

They are preparing it for invasion.

Time to hide out in the old bunker and start brushing up on your Klingon everyone.

Hail Zuul. 

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