Reporter Gets Totally Stoned During A Field Report - Video


CNN correspondent Randi Kaye got totally stoned while doing a report on legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado.

in her report for the series titled, 'Gone to Pot', Kaye spent the day in the back of a limousine with several people smoking a lot of marijuana . The video shows the effect it had on her.

It’s hilarious.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper about her day with 'ganja-preneurs', she admitted that she had felt the effects of a self-proclaimed 'contact high' during the report.

I would bet that was their plan the entire time: "Hey, let's hotbox the limo and get the reporter baked out of her skull!" feels TheFishe2112,a Redditor.

Another Redditor MustngSS thinks, “As funny as the video is, it's so damn refreshing to see the media finally able to be open, joking, and using 'drug' lingo in such a casual manner. I'm not pot smoker, but I am a long time advocate of legalization, and it's exciting to be witnessing all this happen.”

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