CNN Explains U.S. Presidential Elections With An Epic “Too Many Cooks” Parody

It certainly takes a lot of powerful people – and things – to make a presidential stew.

The U.S. presidential election may be more than half a year away, but CNN is already going all the way to get everyone excited and hyped up. At least that’s what its latest promo suggests.

Titled “Too Many Cooks,” the bizarre promo is a political parody of Adult Swim’s viral video of the same name. It highlights all the key players of the next elections – including the U.S. politicians and some foreign leaders – along with some truly wild twists such as Vermin Supreme, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, national debt and, well, a demon sheep.

Yes, you read the last one right.

None of it makes any sense even after you watch the video, but that is probably what makes it so hilarious. Take a look at the CNN promo posted above.

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