Coca-Cola Small World Machine Brings India And Pakistan Together (Video)

Now, here is an amazing concept. The idea of bringing together the people of India and Pakistan, used to living in an environment of conflict and giving them a chance to have a moment of connection. It is just a brilliant way of using a brand and technology and taking a brilliant initiative. 
The idea is a part of their bigger campaign, ‘Happiness Without Borders’ and uses high -tech vending machines installed in two popular shopping malls in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India and make interaction between the people in the two countries possible. 
The machines have a 3D touch-screen technology that streams video feeds onto the vending machines’ screens as well as capture the interaction between people on both the sides. 
The idea is a brilliant one as people on both the sides (India and Pakistan) have a lot in common but the relations between the two countries have always been hostile and mutual mistrust is a big hindrance. 
Something like this is therefore, more than welcoming it is actually needed. 

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