Really, Another One? Collarbone Challenge The Latest Body-Shame Craze

Now you don't need to feel bad about your body in general – a new social media fad will have you loathing specific body parts.

Just a week ago users on Chinese social media site Weibo launched the belly button challenge in a bizarre bid to crush the spirit of everyone over 90 lbs. Before you can say "low self-esteem," along comes another shaming body trend out of China. If you haven't heard of it yet, consider yourself lucky and prepare for pictures splashed across your social media networks.

The "collarbone challenge" is the latest social media body measurement that's both ridiculous and potentially damaging. It involves stacking coins in the hollow above your collarbone to assess how "skinny and sexy" a person is. Apparently the collarbone challenge is supposed to determine your sex appeal.


Th? thách x??ng ?òn, kaka @ms.sharky

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Collarbone Challenge? My mum also can! Pfft. #collarbone #collarbonechallenge #pointless #?????

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Me paseo sus retos. #collarbonechallenge Hice los dos y k.

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??????????? #collarbonechallenge

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The more quarters you’re able to balance behind your clavicle bone, the skinnier you are and, therefore, the more you deserve to live and be happy. The collarbone challenge implies that skinniness is the only acceptable way to be sexy. This has spread past China, but not before amassing 34 million participants there in 24 hours on Weibo, the country’s Twitter equivalent.

Why China is at the helm of the social media body-shaming game is anyone's guess. Unfortunately, we're pretty certain we'll see more of this nonsense coming from Weibo. So sit back and wait for the next body part you should be ashamed of.