12 Moments from History Brought To Life

Giving these 12 watershed moments color gives them a whole new meaning.

The following photos come from a black and white era. While most of them have been seen before, adding color gives these images a whole new dimension.

Seeing old black and white photos makes it easy to forget that the people in them were not just characters penned in history, but real people. Seeing them in vibrant colors somehow makes these folks seem more real and relatable.

Just have a look and decide for yourself:

40mm Guns Firing Aboard the USS Hornet

W.H. Murphy and His Associate Demonstrating Their Bulletproof Vest, Oct. 13, 1923

President Lincoln Meets General McClellan, Antietam, Md., 1862

 Albert Einstein in Long Island, 1939

Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

Pilot William C. Hopson of the U.S. Mail Service in Winter Flying Clothing

Robert F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy Outside the Oval Office, 1963

Hitler and His Propaganda Minister Goebbels, April 12, 1943

The Ever-Charismatic Che Guevara

Che Guevara

Elizabeth Taylor, 1956

The Homeless Boy, London, 1945

Unemployed Lumber Worker and His Wife, circa 1939

It’s easy to forget these images were once black and white, but it appears that the world they were taken in was not so colorless after all.

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