Combine Classic Art With Hip Hop And You Get Fly Art PHOTOS

July 9, 2014: Throw a bit of hip hop on top of classic art and the results are hilarious combos like these.

It may seem that classic art and hip hop doesn't have much in common, but artists Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano definitely disagree.

Their mashup photos for Fly Art Productions take some of the most famous classic paintings and combine them with lines from hip hop songs. These strategically placed rap lyrics over pieces of classic art make for one memorable and hilarious photos series.

Here are few of the funniest ones from their collections:

Yes, I’m the real shady The Familiar Objects (1928), Rene Magritte / The Real Slim Shady, Eminem

Nicki Monaj Mona Lisa (c. 1503), Leonardo da Vinci / Super Bass, Nicki Minaj

Four tres two uno Dancers practicing at the barre (1877), Edgar Degas / Fergalicious, Fergie feat.

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Dante and Virgil in the Gangsta's Paradise Dante and Virgil in Hell (1850), William-Adolphe Bouguereau / Gangsta's Paradise, Coolio

The Empress Eugenie surrounded by her muthafuckin clique The Empress Eugenie Surrounded by her Ladies in Waiting (1855), Franz Winterhalter / Clique, Kanye West feat. Big Sean & Jay-Z

Four niggas of the apocalypse The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1887), Victor Vasnetsov / Ride or Die, Jay-Z

You got a thing for a queen but you ain’t a king Ask Me No More (1906), Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema / Bad (Remix), Wale feat. Rihanna

Goddamn I get bitches Three women (1921), Fernand Leger / Backseat Freestyle, Kendrick Lamar

The lovers could recognize voodoo Les amants (1928), Rene Magritte / Voodoo, Frank Ocean

Breakfast, lunch and dinner’s for beginners, you ain’t even know The Meal/The Bananas (1891), Paul Gauguin / iv. Sweatpants, Childish Gambino

I knowed love was here to stay when she told me to— Paris Street; Rainy Day (1877), Gustave Caillebotte / Walk This Way, Aerosmith feat. Run DMC

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