This Comedian Believes Rape Is Hilarious; Male Rape That Is

Comedian Andrew Bailey has good reason to believe that rape is a funny thing in the eyes of media and society.

The man in this video believes rape is hilarious, and as ridiculous as it sounds, he may actually be speaking the truth here.

The topic of his monologue is actually male rape, which for some reason is taken as a funny thing by society and the media, as opposed to female rape that almost always draws strong emotions.

The video is actually a monologue made by comedian John Bailey – whose character Will was violated at the tender age of 13 by his eighth grade teacher. At the time, the narrator thought he was the luckiest kid alive but the effects of that experience got to him later in his life.

On several occasions, the video gets a bit too painful and uncomfortable to watch, but it does make a very important point that the society, for some reason, perceives male rape to be a funny affair and doesn't accept that it's just as big a tragedy.

The monologue may actually be fictional but it was inspired by similar things that Bailey experienced during his childhood.

In an interview with PolicyMic, he explained: "When I was 13, I was groped and sexually harassed everyday at school for about half a year. And it was expected that I enjoyed it." 

These emotions had been locked inside Bailey for a number of years, but when he saw the trailer of Adam Sandler's 2012 comedy film "That's My Boy," he couldn't keep himself from venting it all out. It was then that he made this monologue but couldn't muster up the courage to release it.

He finally did that a few days ago, and his message has been commended by many since.

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