Aziz Ansari Saris Are Perfect Holiday Gift (Video)


Comedian Aziz Ansari is breaking out in fashion with his latest line of saris.

Aziz Ansari, a standup comedian and an actor was on Conan O’Brien’s show Conan last night. Aziz, born in South Carolina, famously plays Tom Haverford on the hit NBC show Parks and Recreation. But looks like he is breaking out in an alternate profession, as he presented his own line of saris last night on Conan!

A sari is traditional Indian clothing and according to Aziz’s sari commercial, makes for a great holiday gift. And why shouldn’t it, since Aziz’s saris come splash with his face all over it. Definitely tradition meets fashion meets celebrity.

Check out the hilarious video above and let us know, if it wasn’t fake, would you buy Aziz Ansari saris with his face on it?

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