Comedian Fires Back At People Criticizing Bathtub Photo With His Kid

Danish comedian and father, Torben Chris, has been heavily criticized for sharing a photo with his toddler daughter in the bathtub and his response to the haters is priceless.

Danish comedian Torben Chris has the Internet in quite a huff thanks to a photo he posted of himself in the bathtub with his toddler daughter.

Chris shared the photo in solidarity with his friends, and other fathers, who have been criticized for being naked in front of their young children, according to Mic. Chris wrote that one of his friends was even accused of pedophilia by someone for bathing with his two-year-old.

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As a response to all the judgmental trolls, Chris posted his own bath photo and wrote, "Listen, children and adults can be naked together. There is nothing wrong with a father who washes his daughter's bottom and vagina when she's a child. On the contrary, it is bloody disgusting if nobody does it and unfair if only the mother does it."

Warning: Image below contains nudity.

torben chris

People went in on the comments, obliterating Chris for exposing his daughter to his adult genitals.

Chris responded to the reactions with a Facebook video that explained that a vast majority of people expressed support and positive commentary on the photo but the negative reactions received so much more attention.

Just one more thing about the picture??....

Posted by Torben Chris on Friday, December 18, 2015

"Nobody should find these pictures offensive. It's a natural thing to be naked with your children," he told viewers. "It's a natural thing to be naked, period! You were born that way... The only reason we put on clothes is to stay warm. We didn't invent clothes because [a] penis [would catch] fire if a child saw it."

He clapped back at everyone who was acting “afraid” of nudity and taking something totally natural and making it dirty.

All things considered, Chris is totally right. Nudity is natural and it should be okay for a parent to bathe along with their young child up to a certain age. Humans are meant to be communal. She’s just a toddler, not even old enough to understand the “taboo” of nudity. In her mind, she’s just playing in the water with daddy.

It isn’t fair for people to twist an innocent bonding moment into a sexual situation. This is very similar to the logic behind the "free the nipple" and "normalize breastfeeding" campaigns that actively strive to make society decriminalize female nudity and public breastfeeding.

On the other hand though, the justified problem with the photo is that it has been posted online where, unfortunately, real pedophiles prowl.

You certainly don’t want your precious memories with your child ending up in the wrong hands used for something sick and vile. Chris probably should have thought twice about that aspect before posting ... but hey, it's out there now.

Regardless, every parent is different and just because someone's choices aren't right for you, doesn't mean they're wrong. If no laws are being broken, leave 'em alone!

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