Comedian Uncovers Two-Way Mirror In Women’s Bathroom

Comedian discovers a two-way mirror in the women's bathroom at a Chicago bar.

Chicago comedian Tamale Rocks was performing at Cigars and Stripes, a bar in Berwyn, Illinois, when she discovered a two-way mirror in the women’s bathroom in a video uploaded to Youtube.

The video shows a full-length mirror facing the toilet in women’s bathroom and situated  off a second door that opens into the supply closet. Once in the closet, there is a clear view of the toilet.

In an interview with Jezebel, the bar owner, Ronnie Lottz, crudely told Jezebel how the mirror has been there since 2001 and used for Halloween. The mirror is a complete violation of privacy yet Lottz shrugs the perverted peephole as just some harmless prank. Lottz said he is not removing the mirror, saying how the invasion of privacy has brought the bar so much “joy.”

“We specialize in making people feel very uncomfortable. It’s why we’re successful today. If you get it, you get it. If you don’t, stay home.”

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