Everything Not To Say When Your Kid Comes Out, In One Heartbreaking Video

His family doesn't love him unconditionally, but plenty of strangers do.

If there's ever a primer what not to say and do when your child comes out, this video is it. 

A 19-year-old man, known only as Daniel, bravely tells his clearly intolerant family he's gay and falls into a nightmare. This kind of reaction is what keeps so many young gay people in the closet, terrified their family will cut them off.

The woman's reaction features classic lies anti-gay people would have you believe: that you can pray away the gay, that sexual orientation is a choice. 

The anonymous man refuses back down, however, insisting, "It is not a choice."

Listen to what happens when the relative demands Daniel move out because "I will not let people believe I condone that." It quickly turns incredibly ugly.

Fortunately, Daniel has people in his corner. A friend set up a GoFundMe site to fund moving expenses. With an initial goal of $2,000, donors have already given more than $9,000 in less than day.

Despite how horrifying this experience must be for Daniel, it helps us all that he secretly filmed it, and even that he remains anonymous. It allows us to imagine any number of closeted gay teens in his shoes, so terrified that when they share their true identity, they'll lose their family.

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