Watch Commuters In China Dance Their Boredom Away In Massive Traffic Jam

Instead of honking horns and yelling at each other, they found a more positive way to pass time.

china traffic

When it comes to traffic jams, it doesn't get any worse than China. The famous China National Highway 110 Traffic Jam of 2010 lasted some 10 days, and such things are normal in what it the world's most populous country.

So when a five-car accident at the Chuda Highway caused a massive traffic jam, commuters thought they must be in it for a while. With lots of time on their hand and nothing else to do, drivers and passengers exited their vehicles and found a way to keep themselves entertained. What ensued next was an impromptu dance-off featuring the traditional Chinese 'square dance.'

The square dance is very famous in the People's Republic of China and is a part of the old folks' daily routine. Apparently, it keeps them fit and is also a fun pastime.

china traffic

The traffic on the Chuda Highway, meanwhile, ended after almost three and a half hours of complete lockdown. 

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