Conan O’Brien Responds To Taylor Swift’s Music Video ’22’ (VIDEO)


Video responses to various trendy videos are common on YouTube. And now Conan O’Brien has also adapted the popular trend of posting his video responses on his Team Coco YouTube channel.

His response to Taylor Swift’s latest hit single ‘22’ in which she enjoyed a huge birthday bash, has gone viral on the internet.

Swift described how it’s like being 22 in the song and Conan felt she might be a little inaccurate in representing the age. He said in the video:

"Taylor Swift is great . . . but I know what it's like to be 22. I don't think that that's an accurate representation of what it's like to be 22."

Conan later added:

"When you're 22, you don't even go outside. There's nowhere to go, there's no one to talk to, you don't even have a girlfriend. That's what it's like for everybody when they're 22. Everybody."

Have a look a Conan’s response to Swift’s ‘22’ in the video above.

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