Conan Shows News Anchors Saying Exact Same Thing About Mike Myers' New Baby

Conan O'Brien demonstrated the state of local news last night, when every single anchor said the exact same thing about Mike Myers' new baby.

Mike Myers is a good guy, but not a great actor.  Last good big role he did was in Wayne's World.  (He did have a great appearance in Inglorious Basterds, though)  Most people, however, remember him not for Wayne's World (or Inglorious Basterds), but for the Austin Powers series, which may in fact get a fourth installment in the coming years because reasons.  The films are not even that great.  The first film was okay, the only great things being Elizabeth Hurley and this one amazing song you hear in certain parts by Broadcast, while the rest were lame.  And yet, because yesterday was a slow news day due to the end of the government shutdown, local news stations reported on Mike Myers' new child, with the exact same reaction: Referencing that one line from Austin Powers.  We would be unsurprised if you shared Conan O'Brien's disgust in this.

Conan O'Brien demonstrated this last night in the segment "Media Reacts" on his talk show Conan.  Every anchor shown reports on the child Mike Myers and his wife Kelly Tisdale, their second.  They report on it the same way, by referencing "Yeah, baby!" somehow in their report.  This video goes on for nearly a minute.  We dare you to watch the entire thing without facepalming.

People tend to wonder why news media is terrible in this country.  Look at this video, and see and hear it clearly.  The utter laziness of the news writers, and the utter incompetence of news anchors of not seeing that pun as easy and lame to do.  Some of these anchors must have really thought they were clever with that pun, even though that phrase is at least 15 years old.  Only seniors and people their age who did not leave the 1990s in terms of humor might find that funny and witty.

Of course, being a news anchor can be tough, so it is hard to blame them and not the lazy news writers.  Some of them probably looked at the script ahead of time, and wished there was a lamppost nearby where they could hang themselves.  But there are some sacrifices to be made in order to get more plush job, more money into investigating corruption downtown, and/or more vacation time.  As Mike Myers' longtime comedic partner Dana Carvey demonstrated once, the goings can get absurd.

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