The Days Of Nazi Germany Were ‘Good Old Times’ For The Makers Of Fanta

Do you think this Fanta ad is disrespectful for its positive portrayal of Nazi Germany?

Good Old Time

Coca-Cola is in a PR pickle after it implied in a new Fanta video that the era of Nazi Germany were the good old days.

The soft drink giant made and released the said video in celebration of Fanta's 75th anniversary. In an attempt to induce nostalgia, the animated video takes viewers to 1941 when Fanta came into being in Germany.

The orange drink's formula was famously invented because it was difficult to import Coca-Cola syrup into Nazi Germany at the time. Hence, the drink makers experimented and came up with Fanta. While that time period was important in Coca-Cola's history, it was one of the darkest eras in Europe as the Adolf Hitler-led Nazis had waged a bloody war and genocide on the continent.

Hence, referring it as the "good old times" was wholly inappropriate and insensitive on Coca-Cola's part. After people took notice of it and BuzzFeed contacted the beverage maker for clarification, they admitted their mistake and took the video down, although a clone is still available online (see above).


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