“Cookie Monster” Rapper Shares His Love For Chocolate Chip Cookies VIDEO


Popular YouTube star Jesse Wellens, known on for his practical jokes on his channel Prank vs Prank, is out with a new video.

This time around the prankster can be seen in a new avatar, a rapper who goes by the name “Chip Chocolate.”

Jesse sings and does the “Cookie Dance”, in which he shares his love for chocolate chip cookies and biscuits.

In an interview to Entertainment Weekly he said:

“The goal of “Cookie Dance” is to try and get children and their parents to both get involved, something they can share together. It’s something in the kitchen they can do together. I don’t think you can do this with a lot of hip-hop songs now on main stream music, where kids and adults can all get down together.”

The viral music video garnered over 1.8 million hits in less than a week.

He could be the human form of Cookie Monster, don’t you think?

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