Corrupt Cop Breaking Windshield Won't Win Any Acting Awards

This is an inexplicably bizarre video, but it must have a logical explanation.

The cop "getting hit" by an almost stationary car is probably the most fake injury attempt you will see this week. This cop can put seasoned NFL and NBA rogues to shame.

The insanely bizarre footage shows a group of heavily armed policemen, who look more like paramilitary or riot police, crossing a busy road when one of them just jumps and lands on a car.

The jump ends up smashing the guy’s parked car while the cop tries to act disoriented as he hit the ground. The driver of the stationary car is then surrounded by officers, harassed and finally arrested.

There’s a lot of anger over the video online calling the cop corrupt and what not, but the video is too much of a sham to be taken seriously. We feel it might be a simulation exercise because if this is the real deal, we will be really surprised at the stupidity of the cops.


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