Could Frustration Have Led To This Super Insensitive Picture?

Motorist posing as the suicidal man was spotted in the background

A regular Thursday rush hour evening was turned on its head when the police received a call about a possible suicide attempt on one of LA’s busiest freeways.

This caused a three- hour long closure as a drug infused man tormented the citizens and the police with his threats of jumping off the 105 Freeway overpass. Thankfully, after talks that lasted for four hours, authorities were successful in convincing the man that his life was worth living.

Now there have been several such cases with men climbing on to bridges or putting themselves on fire because they feel no reason to live any longer. But we are sure that one of them was captured in a picture. Yes, that’s right, 14 motorists and another fellow a.k.a the suicidal guy posed for a picture, with motor heads smiling and holding aloft the victory sign.

In no time, the selfie-ish selfie (pun intended) and groupie hit the social media and was blasted with unflattering scathing comments towards those in the picture.


Although the whole idea of posing for a picture with a man who could have jumped off any second is nothing to be proud of, one should consider the fact that frustration could have led to the actions of these passersby.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the lanes were closed from both directions, causing terrible jams up till Freeway 605 which was approximately three miles away from the scene. 

It could be possible that a person was returning from home after a tiresome day, or was rushing to tend to his ailing mother at a hospital were all stuck because of some maniac who paralyzed the whole city. None of the drivers suffering from traffic jam tried to destroy public property or created a protest out of all this. A mere click was the unharmed protest the motor heads did on their part which was pretty legit after all the fizzle they went through.
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