Couple Asks Internet To Photoshop Kid Out Of Holiday Pic, Gets Trolled

It's like one of those moralistic fairy tales. The good girl gets the prince, and vain stepsibling gets eaten by a troll. And they Internetted happily ever after.

A couple on holiday attempting to take a romantic, beachside photo to bombard their Facebook friends with were aghast to find themselves thusly photobombed.

photoshop battle

Don’t these kids know that beaches are for meticulously crafted PDA shots only?

The couple turned to an audience of Internet strangers for help “fixing” the photo, which sounds a lot better than “get that rando kid out of my cushy vacay pic.”

But if there’s one thing that the Internet (and sites like Imgur especially) hates more than all else, it’s Photoshop. Closely followed by “people.”

What people? Just people. Just all people.

Needless to say, the duo got trolled to within an inch of their photogenic lives.

The kid is away

please photoshop away the kid

Photoshop Battle of the Day

Ask The Internet To Photoshop

The results ranged from the meme-loving

Epic Doggy Photoshop Battles

photoshop battle

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photoshop disasters

Photoshop Disaster Images & Mistakes

To the whimsical

Biggest Photoshop Disasters

Worst Photoshop Mistakes

Biggest Photoshop Disasters

To the pointedly critical

Imgur Comment

Worst Photoshop Disasters

We’re especially fond of the ‘shopping in of the D-Day soldiers, a wonderfully passive-aggressive way to point out the relative frivolousness of the couples’ original request.

Photoshop disasters News

Then this nameless netizen went and ruined the party, by actually giving the couple what they wanted.

beach photo

He was subsequently never heard from again.

The moral of the story? Let the poor kid hang out in the periphery of your PDA. Literally no one cares. 

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