Couple Has 38 Gorgeous Weddings All Around The World

This looks like a picture from a typical wedding right? Wrong.

Couple Gets Married In 38 Different Places

Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard are getting married, not just once, but 38 times. That’s going to be a lot of invitations to make.

If you’ve ever had the debate with your soon-to-be spouse about which hometown the wedding should take place in, then take note. You can have your wedding in as many places as you want!

Platt and Woodyard planned to exchange vows 38 times over the course of 83 days. They were able to book all their flights for under $3000 per person. They exchanged vows on all continents with the exception of Antarctica. Some of the places they went to include Morocco, Spain, Kenya, Thailand, Columbia and Ireland. 

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They said they had difficulty deciding on wedding theme, but after realizing that nothing in LA felt special, they decided to travel the world and go with the theme of everything.

Platt said, “I knew this was going to be the most incredible wedding experience ever. It was exactly what I wanted, to travel the world with my wife and marry her again and again and again in so many different ways. That was perfect for me.”

When the couple wasn’t wearing a suit and wedding gown, they made sure to always dress in white. They are both ordained on the church of Spiritual Humanism online, so they’re able to perform their own ceremonies.

Check out the pictures from their amazing journey

Couple Has 38 Gorgeous Weddings All Around The World

Anyone recognize that airline? It's the same one that might offer transatlantic flights for just $15. No wonder their airfare was so cheap. 

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This Couple Is Traveling The World And Getting Married On Six ContinentsGetting Married On Six ContinentsCheetah Platt and Rhiann WoodyardCouple Around The World In 83 Days Rhiann Woodyard and Cheetah Platt are aiming to have 38 weddings in 83 days.Meet Cheetah Platt and Rhiann Woodyard.Platt and Woodyard plan on tying the knot on (almost) every continent.Couple enjoys unforgettable wedding adventuresCouple Gets Married Around The World

Oh yeah, and did we mention, that they're incredible acrobats too? Yeah, they pretty much have it all. Couple enjoys unforgettable wedding adventureThis 1 Couple Is Having 38 Weddings This Year

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