Out For A Sunday Drive, Grandparents Accused of Heroin Smuggling

An elderly couple was pulled over for tinted windows, but they were about to get accused of something much worse.

When an elderly couple got pulled over in Georgia after visiting with their grandchild, they thought the officer would ticket them for tinted windows.

That was when they started to think something was wrong because their car dealer had told them tinted windows were legal. 

To their surprise, they were actually being pulled over for drug smuggling.

The officer, after asking about the windows, started interrogating the couple about whether or not they had drugs.

Charles Tharp, 69, said told local station WGCL, "I don't honestly know what the stereotype looks like a heroine smuggler, but I don't think a couple of senior citizens driving a handicapped license plate with their little cocker spaniel really looks like we're much of a threat to anybody."

Elderly couple complains after traffic stop turned into drug interrogation

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