Crazy Kayakers Land Right On Top Of A Whale

July 23, 2014: What has a whale got to do to get some personal space in the sea?

Watching humpback whales on the Discovery channel is one thing and viewing them with your own eyes from just a couple of meters' distance is a completely different experience. What's even crazier is sailing in a lightweight kayak and landing right on top of these gentle behemoths.

This is exactly what happened to two kayakers who were kayaking off the shore of Puerto Madryn, Argentina when they found a bunch of humpback whales sunbathing. Instead of changing directions to avoid contact, these insane daredevils continued their voyage and soon found their kayak sitting on the body of one of these giant mammals.

But instead of freaking out like you expect a normal person to do, the kayakers kept their cool and sailed away after a few gentle lifts from what undoubtedly is one of the gentlest creature of the sea.

Even the footage of this totally non-violent brush with humpbacks is enough to send chills up the spine.

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