Crazy Surfer Chases Great White Shark After It Bumps His Plank

Who in his right mind would go after a great white in open water?

The only golden rule when dealing with a great white shark is to swim away for your life as fast as you can. Playing dead wouldn't work and hoping for mercy from the deadly sea beast wouldn't either.

This is why what a surfer recently did during a close encounter with white death off the coast of California is so incredibly insane.

The unknown daredevil was riding waves some 120 feet away from the famous Manhattan Beach when his surfboard was bumped from underneath by the said shark. He was apparently just in the fish's way as it showed no interest in making a meal out of him.

At this point, a normal person would thank the lord, retreat to the beat before screaming and possibly crying his eyes out for the close call. But that's just too normal for our guy in the video above. He actually went under water and chased the great white for a bit to get clearer view for his Go Pro.

He kept his composure throughout, but in the end, the expressions on his face revealed his actual feelings.

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