Meet The Man Who Claims He Can Destroy Evolution In 3 Minutes

Can this man destroy the science behind evolution in three minutes?

Joshua Feuerstein, a social media user who describes himself as an evangelist, shared a video in May in which he claims to “destroy” the case for evolution in three minutes.

The recording – which is actually five minutes long and not three – went viral with more than 170,000 people sharing the post on Facebook.

In the video, Feuerstein says that "evolution is not a science because it cannot fit within the parameters and parentheses of science".

But is his argument compelling enough? You can find out by clicking on the video link above.

The BBC used Feuerstein’s clip and its popularity to analyze how heated debates revolving around the topics of creationism and evolution have found a new, more involved, battleground - the social media!

They interviewed the evangelist and later asked for prominent atheist activists for their opinion on Feuerstein’s video. You can watch the BBC report below:

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