Artist Revives Forgotten Art By Adding Pop-Culture Characters To Them

These thrift-store paintings now sell for hundreds of dollars, thanks to a bit of added contemporary flavor.

There was a time when picturesque sceneries used to adorn most kitchens and living rooms. This was before the new age art revolution erupted and consigned these paintings to thrift-store.

The scenes in these thrift-store paintings are still as paradisiacal as always but hanging them in homes is out of fashion. This is a prominent form of art that has been discarded and replaced by other more aesthetically pleasing substitutes.

But a Canadian artist named David Irvine has made it his mission to revive these thrift-store paintings. What he does is that he adds famous pop culture characters to these long forgotten paintings, which in turn give these art forms fresh dimensions and makes them interesting for the audience again.

The said series, which Irvine calls Re-Directed Paintings, can be seen down below:



More of Irvine's work can be found here.
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