Creep Reading Private Texts - And Putting Them Online!

A new Instagram account publishes private text messages.

What a super creep!!!  Someone is reading texts over shoulders on subways around New York. If that's not bad enough, they are then POSTED ONLINE.

Seriously dude? Or dudette?  Let's just call them "disgusting privacy invader". 

"I read people's texts on the subway," is the bio of a new Instagram account that has over 700 followers. A Twitter feed pulling from Instagram has also been established. 

 Gothamist, a website reporting on all things NY, talked to the mystery person behind the account—they insist the texts are real.  They added, "It's hard to find good ones believe me. Sometimes I switch trains or get off at another stop just to come back to the stop I actually need in hopes of finding something. And I have been late to work and late in going home plenty of times due to my long subway rides. I have yet to be caught! Proud of that actually. I'm pretty sneaky in the way I do it, it's a secret of the trade."

When asked about how they feel about this kind of voyeurism, they said, "In general I don't like it, but people do it all the time, couples especially. I guess it's ok if it's anonymous and for entertainment's sake."

Is this actually criminal? The Digital Media Law Projects website states: 

"When you publish information about someone without permission, you potentially expose yourself to legal liability even if your portrayal is factually accurate." 

Let's hope this person gets spanked for these blatant invasions of privacy. 


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