Creepy Man Gets Several Miley Cyrus Tattoos On Both Arms (Photos)

Redditor [–]justsomeguy75 posted a link entitled ‘Creepy doesn't even begin to describe this man’ in the WTF section of Reddit.


Redditor [–]justsomeguy75  posted a link entitled ‘Creepy doesn't even begin to describe this man’ in the WTF section of Reddit.

The link leads to an album of a man who has tattoos of Miley Cyrus’ face on his left arm and several other Miley themed tattoos on his right arm. The guy, who is probably a Miley Cyrus fan indeed looks really creepy- no offense- and  people on Reddit have flooded the comments section, expressing their disgust and in some cases deep concern since it is not a healthy obsession. Some just think it is the man’s right to do whatever he wants.

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Everyone needs a hobby. For some, it's knitting, for others, gang bangs with strangers, or maybe heroin. For this guy, it's celebrity obsession.

Redditor [–]Maverick13 writes:

I always wonder about guys like this, like why Miley Cyrus? He went his whole life not being obsessed about anyone, and obviously it could have been anyone, but then Miley Cyrus came around. Something just clicked, and he was like: Yes. This is the one. I will dedicate my life to her. It's very odd. Saw a documentary about this guy who thought he was best friends with pop star Tiffany. She had a restraining order against him. He still thought they were best friends, and would show up at her signings. She wouldn't lose her shit or anything, she just knew that this crazy guy was there again.


He would love Miley unconditionally.

Til Death do us part, Miley. Til Death do us part!


I would love to see Billy Ray get introduced to this man

There are also some weird speculations made by some Redditors. Chcek out: [–]kilowhisky commented:

This article didn't really explain why he did it... I saw a documentary with him in it in which it explained that he went through quite a horrible divorce in which he also lost custody of his kids, he has a bit of an emotional breakdown and then discovered Miley Cyrus, somehow found comfort in her lyrics and became obsessed with her. I can kind of sympathize with him, but it's still weird.

[–]RabidRetrospectGames exclaims:

Cringe worthy material right there. Not only is this dude completely and unhealthily obsessed with a random (former) Disney star, this will probably completely isolate him as far social interactions go. I can't say I'd want to be hanging around the guy with a dozen or so Miley tats.

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