Cristiano Ronaldo Returns Lost Phone, Decides To Stick Around To Party

If Cristiano Ronaldo ever returns your phone by hand, the famed sportsman may just be angling to get invited into your party.

Most of us are grateful to just get our lost phones back, since they're wont to be stolen/taken/stepped on/abducted by aliens, and wherever else phones end up. But this is real luck.

Cristiano Ronaldo

While in Las Vegas, the famed Portuguese footballer happened across a lost phone.

So he tracked down the owner himself, gave it to her, and then decided, since he’s here already, why not party?

As far as losing one’s phone goes, Austin Woolstenhulme lucked out. The young woman was visiting Vegas for a Zedd concert with a few of her friends when she misplaced her cell. Usually in such situations, the hapless owner will freak out a little, hunt for a while, then resign him/herself to the unfortunate circumstance.

Ronaldo Returns Lost Phone

But for Woolstenhulme, it nabbed herself a new friend in someone who is arguably the most recognizable sportsman in the world. And, if the ensuing photos posted to social media are any suggestion, a night of dinner, drinks, and dancing.

Not to mention entry into Ronaldo’s suite, for use of his bathroom.

Austin Woolstenhulme

Your selfie wishes it was this selfie. Your selfie wishes it was this selfie’s sort-of friend that it texts sometimes but never hears back from.

That being said, you should still refrain from losing your phones willy-nilly, for hope of such a chance encounter. You’ll lose a lot of phones before you can hope to replicate such luck, if at all.

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