Crying Duck Finds Its Ducklings With The Help Of Cops (Video)

Multiple viral videos have proven the fact that ducks and their ducklings can just not live separately.

Mother duck is always carrying all her loved ones with her.

Now imagine how terrifying it would be for a duck to lose its ducklings! Some cops realized that and they did their best to help a crying duck in finding it ducklings.

When the video above starts, you just feel sad about this poor duck wandering here and there searching for its kids but then these rescuer cops came and reunited the kids with their mother.
The moment these adorable little ducklings rush towards their mama duck in the water is the one that brings an instant smile to your face.

After watching this video, one starts believing in humanity even more.

Here are a few comments on this cute video:


Awww!! That was awesome!


This video's so sweet I developed diabeeetus.


Clearly this duck didn't get any parenting advice


The last shot is adorable. It's amazing how little effort it took but meant the whole world for the ducks.


Aaaaand now I want a duck.

Enjoy the video above.

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