Cuteness Overdose: Baby Girl’s Emotional Reaction To Mom’s Singing Makes Grown Men Cry (Video)

Alain Leroux put up this video of her little girl getting all emotional over a song.

Of course, we all have our moments when songs bring us to tears, but not at 10-months of age. Some songs even make us smile and cry at the same time, so one should be able to relate to this video and the little girl’s reaction to her mother’s singing, which quite tuneful.  

The moment her mother starts singing My Heart Can’t Tell You No, the baby starts tearing up, and it’s not the usual baby tears and pouting, but a very grown up, happy-sad kind of expression. The toddler seems to be rather overwhelmed by the song.  

And if the viewer’s comments are anything to go by, she did make grown men cry too.

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Must... Not... Cryyy


What? It's nothing, I just got something in my eye.


Wow. First time I've ever seen actual emotion from a baby instead of just annoying crying.

Jeez I actually felt a little choked watching this.


I'm 28 and my man-tears flowed through that whole video.


Can't.... keep.... these... feels... Got to... Find.. Way to.. Hate.. kids.. Again...


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As a 25 year old male with my hand over my mouth for the majority of this video... Me too.

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24 here. Glad you admitted it first because now I can too!

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