Cuteness Overload: Playful Cat, Baby Duckling And Cute Dog Play With Roomba (Video)

Internet has its own ways of rewarding people for their amazing stuff they put on it. Sometimes things go instantly viral and sometimes they start trending a little later.

Fortunately for us, we always have multiple things on the internet to look at, laugh and share with our friends.

This video is one such example. It’s a Halloween-pet video published by Texas Girly 1979, at Halloween but has just started to trend.

Watching a cat dressed as a shark while riding a robotic floor cleaner along with a baby duckling following the cat everywhere it goes is just super cute to look at.

We have seen many Roomba videos before but this one definitely stands out.

In the end, the special appearance by a witch dog is obviously going to please you even more.

Enjoy the cute video above.

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