China Pays Bizarre Musical Tribute To Online Censorship

The Great Firewall of China has its own anthem now. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

China’s strict online surveillance policies have long been criticized by the West, but the Chinese government just couldn’t care less.

In fact, they are so proud of their Internet censors that they have prepared a national tribute to what is known as the “Great Firewall” of China.

Aptly titled “Cyberspace Spirit,” the ode, penned by Wang Pingjiu, is a patriotic tribute to the Chinese system of online surveillance and censorship which came into effect in November 2003.

This anthem was reportedly performed at a Beijing Internet Association event this week.

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And here are the translated lyrics (via Gizmodo):

“Devotedly keeping watch over the space every day,
Taking up our mission as the sun rises in the east,
Innovating every day, embracing the clear and bright,
Like warm sunshine moving in our hearts.
Unified with the strength of all living things,
Devoted to turning the global village into the most beautiful scene.

An Internet power: Where the Internet is, so is the glorious dream.
An Internet power: From the distant cosmos to the missing home.
An Internet power: Tell the world that the Chinese Dream is uplifting China.
An Internet power: I represent my nation to the world.

In this world all rivers flow to the sea,
Assuming the measure of Chinese civilization.
Five thousand years of history condensed to illuminate innovation,
Integrity is the clear ripple of a nationality.
We are unified between heaven and earth,
Faith and devotion flow like the Yellow River and Yangtze.”

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