‘Dad Punches 5 Year Old In the Face Video’ Is Horrible And Disturbing!


The video which is trending on Reddit entitled: Choose your punishment (5-year-old edition)is said to be fake by most of the Redditors but it is disturbing like hell.

In the video above, the 5-year-old is punched in the face by his dad after he agreed to what punishment he deserved.

After punching him once, he again asked the boy if he wanted more punishment and then he punched him again and in the end you can see him punching the kid over and over again.

Who does that? Even if it’s fake or they are just pretending… is the right thing to do to a kid?

What’s the point of posting such videos online?  Such videos are nothing but disturbing and there’s nothing cool about making them. In fact you are actually promoting such insane stuff among people.

Please do not attempt this ever!

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