Dad Turns Toddler's Eye Patch Into Adorable Art

"My daughter has to wear an eyepatch," says Layla's father, "Tried to make the best of it." And he totally did.

Layla is only a year old, so it's not fair that she has to worry about cataracts already. Every day, she has to wear an eye patch for a couple of hours on her left eye to strengthen the sight in her right.

For a young, impressionable kid, that’s the kind of thing that’ll leave you feeling different, inferior, alienated.

But her dad Geoffrey is having none of that.

He customizes her eye patches, drawing from pop culture, geek culture, and kid culture.

From the Apple logo

Dad makes adorable custom eye patches for daughter

to Guardians of the Galaxy’s beloved “dancing baby Groot”

Custom eye patches for daughter

From this throwback 90’s homage to Babs Bunny

toddler eye patches

To the enduringly popular Maggie Simpson

eye patches for infants

Sometimes Layla makes her own requests. On the day the following picture was taken, she was evidently on a googly eyes kick.

Patching Tips for Parents

Other times, the eye patches are coordinated with props, like crochet Hobbes here

decorative eye patches for kids

Or the One Ring To Rule Them All.

children's eye patches with designs

Er, Layla’s eyeing the One Ring a bit too intensely. Dad may want to intervene soon before we have a baby Gollum situation on our hands.

Other times, the eye patches are coordinated with particular outfits. As if the eyepatches alone weren’t cool enough.

Here we have Teenage Mutant Ninja Layla

Awesome dad makes adorable new eye patch for daughter every day

Marty McFly and the Delorean

Layla eye patch

Princess Leia, anyone?

Dad makes adorable custom eye patches for daughter

Wonder woman day was not a good day.

Layla even gets in with social media, with this notorious emoji

Illinois dad makes adorable custom eye patches

Layla will have to use eye patches on and off until she’s around 4 years old, but if Dad keeps up his arty hobby, we reckon she won’t mind too much. Time flies when you’re (wearing) fun.  

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