Daddy and Daughter Show Some Serious Dance Moves in this Adorable Battle VIDEO

Amna Shoaib
Dancing is no child's play. Lesson learnt. Sharidon Johnson was having a regular day helping around the house, doing chores when he was challenged to an old-school dance battle. By his own daughter.

"My daughter comes up to me and says, 'Dad, lets dance battle!’, " YouTuber Sharidon Johnson  is reported to have written in his video's description.

What followed was perhaps the most adorable of all dance challenges, as the daddy-daughter duo battled it out on their living-room floor to the sound of ‘Electric Relaxation’, a 1993 song by A Tribal Quest.

His daughter belted out one epic move after another, each executed with perfect sass. Sharidon, who might have taken the challenge lightly, soon learned that dancing is no child’s play. The game was being played with equal competence until his daughter leveled up and blew her father away with some of the most serious moves displayed by a kid her age.

Sharidon, who up till now had answer to each of her moves, accepted defeat and bowed out of the competition.

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Watch as the kid one-ups her own father and have him leaving the dance floor with an embarrassing laugh.