Apparently Trump Supporters Wouldn't Mind A National Registry Of Jews

'The Daily Show' talked to a group of Trump supporters and they proved to be exactly what you would expect: mini-Trumps.


The Daily Show has truly been doing the lord’s work lately, exposing conservative idiocy concerning gun control and revealing Trump to be WHISIS. During last night’s show, Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper took this one step further, interviewing a focus group of Trump supporters and playing fun games with them such as, "Did Donald Trump or a racist sandwich say this?" It proved to be a difficult game, but this didn't bother the group.

Klepper really wanted to get down to the gritty truth of what would make an individual support a racist, sexist, xenophobic bigot—turns out, you just have to be one yourself.

He patiently went through racist comment after comment Trump has made, attempting to gauge the group’s response to such terrible statements. The people reacted with support to Trump; one woman wholeheartedly agreed that the “vast majority” of Mexicans coming across the border were criminals and rapists, saying no one was disputing that figure. Actual statistics might dispute it, but surely those don't matter.

A flummoxed Klepper kept attempting to find any line Trump could cross that these individuals might oppose, but to no avail. Banning Muslims and creating a Muslim registry were all perfectly acceptable options; two people even casually said they would support Trump if he wanted to create a registry for Jews.

So, essentially, we’re dealing with Nazis. 

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @Salon

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