If You Love LOTR, This Guy’s Home Will Rock Your World

Would you give up your comforts to live in a hobbit hole?

Hobbit Hole

It’s true. There lives a man who dwells in a Hobbit Hole. He may not belong to Shire but his idea has inspired reverence and jealousy of Lord Of TheRings aficionados the world over.

Dan Prince lives in aHobbit hole that he built himself.He’s a true ascetic who treasures conducting a simple existence and boy; does he make it look good? Prince lives on about 5000 dollars a year, explaining "The things I need are food, clothing, shelter.”  He happily proclaims that this step"stopped all of [his] worrying about money and jobs."

Spending a total sum of 75 dollars, he used scrap wood to make the home he calls a ‘hobbit hole’. The space itself is circular with a four-feet-high ceiling and eight feet width.

This Hobbit hole is nothing short of heaven on Earth for LOTR devotees. Here are some pictures of the home he’s lived in for the last eleven years.

Dan Prince stoops to make way into his home or 'Hobbit hole’. He looks more like wizard than a hobbit.


Hobbit Hole

He eats simple too. He complements his cereals (bought only on sale) with oats, nuts and grains. He doesn't keep a refrigerator where he can store milk and so he has cereal with water. His limited cutlery includes one spoon, one fork and one knife. Yes, you’re probably thinking he’s rather ill-prepared for a guest which is nothing like hospitable Bilbo Baggins who kept prepared for a guest.

Hobbit Hole

He doesn’t own a washing machine or dryer and so does his laundry in the river that lies at the edge of his hobbit hole.

Hobbit Hole

Price rides a reclining tricycle along a rural road near his home in Joseph, Oregon. You may have guessed by now: he doesn't own a car either. He usually walks and pedals which saves him money and keeps him in shape.

Hobbit Hole

How do you think Dan’s home levels up to Bilbo Baggin’s?

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