Daniel Radcliffe Works As A Receptionist For 1 Hour & Fails Gloriously

He doesn't know where the stamps are. He doesn't know the package you're looking for. He's not sure if Shruti's in...Dementors are probably looking pretty good right now, eh, Potter?

You’ve known him as “The Boy Who Lived.”

Now gaze upon “The Man Who Can’t Even.”

When Daniel Radcliffe arrived at Nylon magazine’s office, he was put to work immediately as a replacement for “Lauren,” who presumably does have experience as a receptionist.

None of the other Nylon staff or visitors were told. You see where this is going.

The first several minutes of the ensuing debacle sees Radcliffe attempting to keep up a constant, effusive smile for all those who pass. 

Eventually, the first person arrives that notices that the dark-haired Englishman behind the desk is, in fact, THE Daniel Radcliffe.


Agreed, unnamed passer-by.

Soon, the fans start pouring in, taking pictures with the famed actor (one woman wants them to pose “like we’re working” for the picture).

Others compliment him. Our favorite interaction?

“I loved your work in Harry Potter.”

“Thank you very much.”

“And the horse play you did.”

“The horse play? Yes.”

“I didn’t see it.”

“No no no don’t worry that’s fine it was, yes, a while ago.”

Note: Daniel Radcliffe is all of us during awkward conversations.

Radcliffe appears charmingly befuddled by the trials of receiving. At one point, he comments to a man seeking stamps that:

 “I’m not sure that I can help you out right now. You might want to come back when someone more experienced is working here.”

Eventually, he’s hoping aloud that people just stop entering the reception area. 

Watch the video till the end to see what happens when Daniel “Ill-prepared Receptionist” Radcliffe comes head-to-head with Joe "But I Have A Meeting” Jonas.

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