Darren Criss & Joe Biden Perform A Duet Together (VIDEO)


The Gregory Brothers on YouTube have come up with a fantastic edited duet of Starkid and Glee superstar Darren Criss and Vice President Joe Biden.

It’s really awesome. It’s been titled, “Flying Robots - Songify the News 3.”

The Gregory Brothers are American musical group that characterize their music as "Country & Soul, Folk & Roll" and post incredibly creative videos on the internet which instantly go viral.

The one posted above is no exception. There are cameos from ‘star’ US politicians such as Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, John McCain, Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham.

The two unlikely performers, Joe Biden and his press secretary, Darren Criss, educate the public on shotgun use while politicians and pundits broadcast warnings of flying robots and spies.

Check out the amazing video and share your response!

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